Where will your digital images be?

It’s late here in Kansas and as I sit at my computer, working with only the quiet hum of the electric heater behind me, I am overcome with missing my dad.  He’s still alive and only an hour and a half away from me.  But he’s been a victim of Alzheimer’s for over 7 years now and seeing him now always leaves me still feeling empty, longing for him to really look at me.

Just to the right of my computer is a picture of my dad… from when he was about 3 years old.  It’s a beautiful 11×14 print with a hint of color added to show off his blue eyes and his rosy, young cheeks, full of life.  This picture is about 65 years old.  65!!

65 years ago there were no digital images.  There were no household computers.  There was no email or CD’s or USB’s.  And yet here I sit, looking at a portrait of my dad.  If I take really good care of this portrait, it will live another 50+ years for my grandkids to enjoy and tell their kids about their super adventurous, crazy talented Great Grandpa.

It has me thinking.  Where are all these digital images we so covet going to be in 50 years? Will we have anything to play them on?  Will we have anything to print them with?  I read an article that got me thinking about these things.  You can read it here.

Now I”m off to go get some of my precious images printed…