Senior pictures {St. Louis Shutterfest 2016}

Shutterfest 2016 – part 2

In a previous post I told you a bit about my trip to St. Louis to attend a photography conference.  It was 4 days of fast paced, high energy, impactful learning.  On the 2nd night I was there I signed up to photograph senior models.  I was thrilled to meet Madison, who is actually a real senior.  Yay!  I remember her looking at me with a look of desperation as 40 photographers showed up and just 1 model… her.  Can you imagine how it would feel to be photographed that much?  Thankfully other models showed up but she kept a great attitude and was so gracious as lots of us wanted to photograph her.  

As we waited for the event to start I learned that Madison is striving to be a make-up artist and did her own make-up for the shoot.  She did a great job!  But this girl isn’t just a pretty face.  She plays a mean game of rugby.  Have you ever watched that sport?  It’s intense!  Madison definitely has a strong sense of self and a confidence that will take her anywhere she chooses to go.  Mady, I will be paying attention, watching your exciting journey!  Thank you for allowing me to photograph you.  And a huge thanks to your mom for letting me put her to work and keeping you safe while we all stood in the street.  


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