Senior Spotlight ~ Noah ~ Shawnee Mission Northwest

This week our senior spotlight shines on Noah!  He attends Shawnee Mission Northwest and excels as an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate.  What?!!  Being from a small town in Iowa myself, I had never heard of that so I asked his dad.  In a nutshell, the classes he is taking now can count as credit for college as long as he passes the class with excellence.  He’ll be starting college as a sophomore next year because of it!  Impressive!!  He also is the school mascot (go Cougars!) and is involved in the rebel club.

We asked Noah some questions about himself and honestly were impressed with the thought he put into them.  He’s an awesome young man that always seems to have a smile on his face (although he rocked the serious look for his senior portraits).   Check out some of his answers.  But first, let’s take a look at some of our favorite portraits from his session.  He killed it!

Images from Noah's senior spotlight blog
Meet Noah, a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest


Who’s your favorite teacher and why:  Mrs. Brewer because she is so positive and very caring for her students. She not only is a great instructor but serves as a voice of wisdom and inspiration.


Tell us about your plans after graduation: I plan to go on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico for three weeks and I plan on attending Webster University in St. Louis for the fall semester.


If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and what would you do?  I would want to go to Bali, Indonesia because it is a beautiful small island with lots of culture and stunning beaches. I would love to travel around the island, swim every day, watch a sunset from the beach, ride an elephant, and enjoy my time in paradise.


Who has been the most influential person in your life?  Tell us a bit about them and their impact on you?  The most influential person in my life is my friend JJ Schmidt. He was the man that studied the Bible with me and helps me understand what it means to be a disciple. He has always been there for me to provide counsel or just listen to the problems I have. He has been a person I can truly rely on and I aspire to be as devoted and caring like he is.


Favorite musician:  Marina and the Diamonds


DC or Marvel – Why?  I like DC better because I feel like their characters are psychologically developed more and I can relate to the characters more, even though they are super. The darker themes in some hero stories are also compelling for me when Marvel seems more like “defeat the huge, impossible bad guy always”. Also Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, are crazy awesome and it would awesome to be even one of them.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  I see myself graduated from college, hopefully married, and having a successful career full of travel. I want to have God at the forefront of my life and walking down the path he leads me.


Have you faced any adversity in high school and how did you overcome it?  Most of my adversity was with myself and my personality. Beginning high school was tough because a lot of changes happened in my personal life and I transferred to a new school where I knew no one. It was difficult to understand what I wanted from life and then making the steps to go after it, so it was a lot of internal conflict and breaking bad habits. Most of my adversity now comes from procrastination, but life never has its shortage of problems. While the problems in my personal life have not vanish they are more easily surmounted because of the great support system I have with my friends and family. I have also become very self aware of who I am which has helped tremendously throughout life even though acquiring this ability was through undesired hardship and strife.


What’s a little known fact about you that you’re willing to share with us?  I have a geographic tongue (sounds weird right), but it means my tongue has these dots of hyper and hypo pigmentation that shift around and come up randomly and in different areas. So my tongue sometimes has darker spots in some pictures and then next month there will be different spots on my tongue in a different area and different color. Pretty cool huh?


Noah, thanks so much for letting us shine our senior spotlight on you!  Your session was awesome and you were so photogenic.  Seriously.


And here’s a few words about what Noah thought of his senior portraits with Aimee Geis Photography.  Thanks Noah!!!

Read what Noah has to say about Aimee Geis Photography

Stay tuned for our next Senior Spotlight ~ Saba!