What Our Lovely Clients Say

I wanted to thank you for all your patience and presence as you walked us through the portrait photography process. I had some dim idea that we needed a set of photos of Millie with her family, but until I saw her delight at receiving a new sweater from Allison, getting her hair done, and picking out jewelry she hasn’t mentioned since before her hospitalization last year, I hadn’t quite grasped how much bigger the process would be for our family. And last night, as Jerry wiped away tears as we started the slide show, I knew that we had all crossed an important threshold together. Funny how we can find the courage to talk about difficult things, but it takes an immersive experience with a consummate professional, to reweave the fraying fabrics of our lives.  Perhaps it is as simple as letting each of us feel seen. And the photos are beautiful. Thank you again.


I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful Aimee is to work with. She is wonderful with our young kids and is easy going-which is much needed with our crazy kiddos! She always turns out the most gorgeous photographs. She has photographed some huge moments for us over the last 15 months, and I can’t imagine not having her not only as our photographer for those special times but also there as our friend. Love her as a person and as a professional photographer!


First and foremost, Aimee is a mom. This is evident in her understanding of how somewhat stressful family portrait sessions can be. From the start she developed a rapport with my kids and had them smiling in a way no other photographers have. She assisted us in color combination and photo shoot site selection-and the pictures were absolutely lovely! She captured my kiddos personalities perfectly… And my husband and I didn’t look bad either!!  Aimee sees the best in everyone she meets and that comes through in the pictures she takes.