11 Ways to make this Mother’s Day special

Investing in heirloom quality portraits of the mom in your life will be one of her most treasured gifts.

We are well into April and although it still feels like January, its time to start planning to make Mother’s Day special for our moms.  Often the Dad’s are responsible for making this day special.  If you are like most guys I know, this can be a bit stressful.  I figured I’d help you guys out in a HUGE way and give you some ideas now so you don’t have to scramble later.

Being a mom has been the best thing I’ve ever done and the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Now that we’re out of the baby stage in our own family, I am starting to understand just how fast it really goes and just how hard it keeps getting.  I used to get angry when people reminded me that it goes fast.  I was sure I would never ever stop changing diapers.  And being told that it only gets harder by more experienced moms just made me think they had never lived in my house for more than 5 minutes!!  But then the tween years hit and after 12 years of parenting, I am slowly starting to realize… that it does go by so fast and I see clearly how it’s only going to get even harder.  Being a mom at any stage is a huge job and doing it well is not for the faint of heart.  Mom’s are awesome.  And they are essential.  And they are worthy of praise, not just on Mother’s Day but every day.  Especially when they don’t feel like they deserve it.  That’s when they.. we, need it the most.


So if you have a mom you’d like to honor and help them feel special, or you have a wife that you watch work hard, struggle, fumble and give her all, this post is for you.  There are so many ways to help the mom in your life feel special.  Here are just a few to get you started.

  1. First and foremost, PLAN AHEAD!  Start now.  Seriously.  Look at your calendar and make sure you know when Mother’s Day is.  It’s on Sunday, May 13th.  All day long.  Maybe you have the day wide open or maybe it’s filled with soccer or baseball tournaments.  Or maybe you live miles away from each other.  Either way, you can still make her feel special.
  2. Make a list of the things she values and needs.  Does she enjoy reading?  Would she love flowers?  Has she desperately needed some time alone to refresh and regroup?  Does she need a visit from you that says “Mom, you are worth it”? Take the time to think about her.  You may even write these things down and share them with her to let her know she’s thought of and that you see her and her needs.
  3. Spend Saturday night cleaning the house.  If you have kids at home with you, get them involved!  It’s ok for her to start feeling loved and cared for the day before.  This way her day on Sunday can be carefree.  It’s hard for moms to sit still in their own homes when there are things to do.  Heck, hire a cleaning service on Friday if needed!  Just remember that this will give her more to do beforehand to prep.  So help her out with getting the house tidy before someone else comes to scrub floors and bathrooms.
  4. Help the kids make personalized Mother’s Day Cards.  If they can write on their own, encourage them to do it without help.  It’s always such a treat to go back years later and see how our kids spelled words.
  5. Another way to make this Mother’s day special is to give the gift of a spa day!  Here’s the trick though when you give a gift like that.. you have to schedule the time for her to make it happen.  Mom’s are often all alike.  We put ourselves last and don’t make time to care for ourselves.  I’m not sure how many gift cards I’ve wasted because I didn’t make them happen.  So schedule a sitter or take the kids out for a fun playdate while Mom goes to relax.  Make sure its at least 90 minutes minimum.  Here are a couple great locations I highly recommend.  If you live in Johnson County, Ashley Nelson Studios has an amazing spa that can meet any of your pampering needs.  Just click here to go to her website.  If you are downtown and love getting into the city, I also highly recommend Rehab Salon and Spa.  Click here to go to their website.  Do it!  Your wife or mom will thank you for it!
  6. Buy her flowers.  Not the kind that wilt and die in a week (well, we like those kinds too) but the kind she can plant and watch grow all summer.  This is something my husband always does for me.  I find digging in the dirt and seeing progress right away is therapeutic.  I love the time to myself and making things pretty.
  7. Prep the kids to pamper her all day.  Kids these days are… well.. a bit spoiled and entitled.  They need to be taught to give to others and pay attention to their needs.  If kids are taught, they can really make this day special.  Include them in making breakfast.  Show them how to make mom’s bed once she’s up.  Have them help make coffee or tea and serve her.  Help her have some quiet time in the morning for time alone with God.  Have the kids open her car door all day (you know I really mean van).  Make it a game and see who can really go above and beyond!
  8. Start talking about Mother’s day days in advance!  If your wife is anything like me, she likes a bit of anticipation and knowing you’ve got this all handled.  Looking forward to something always boosts moral and can get us through some hard days so let her know you are on it!  If you’re wanting to make your own mom feel special but you don’t live close, start texting her and leaving her sweet messages that say you can’t wait for your phone date or your video chat on Mother’s Day!  Knowing you are thinking of her will be amazing!
  9. Hand write your own card to your wife or mom telling them all the ways you see them.  Moms often feel invisible.  Washing dishes and doing laundry is not something we get thanked for a whole lot but it’s still important. There are no annual reviews to share all the ways we are rocking it at our jobs and there are certainly never any pay raises.  Take the time to acknowledge the amazing things that she does.  Sit her down and read it to her.  And if she has a hard time accepting it, read it to her again.
  10. Rather than list off 101 different craft or gift ideas that are all over the internet, I thought I’d just include a fun link that takes you to some really crafty and meaningful ideas that won’t break the bank. Click here to get ideas from all the crafty people of the world.
  11. This last way to make Mother’s Day special is really the one that is most dear to my own heart.  Flowers and cards come and go.  Homes and cars get bought and sold.  Our kids grow so fast that we are often living in a world of unconscious grief, longing for the days when life was more simple and our kids were little again.  Moms are often purposefully behind the camera to capture all the magnificent stages of our kids lives all while avoiding being in front with them.  The reality though is that our kids are also going to long for the days when they can remember what their mom looked liked when they were kids.  They won’t care if we’re 10 pounds or 100 pounds overweight or our hair is starting to gray.  They love us.  They treasure us.  And the hard truth is that someday we won’t be here with them on this earth.  I have a portrait of my own dad in my office when he was 2.  I obviously never knew him when he was that age.  But I treasure it.  I treasure it more now that he’s not here on this earth with me. I miss him so much.  Each picture I have of him I gaze at a little bit longer now.  I study the shape of his face, his laugh lines, the texture of his hair.  All so that the memories will come flooding back.  So this Mother’s Day, one of the most meaningful things you can do for your wife or your own mom is to give her the gift of portraits of herself with her children.  Yes, it is an investment.  But this investment will outlast your home or your vehicles and yes, even your own lives.  Can you imagine your grandchildren displaying a portrait in their own home of their parent and grandparent?  It will be treasured.  Your wife may resist a bit but I promise you in 10 years she will be so grateful that you planned ahead, thought of what she really values and bought her a gift voucher from Aimee Geis Photography with a date already scheduled to have her pictures taken.

Here are the details for this very special Mother’s Day Special.

Purchase a gift voucher for $275.  This will include a design consultation, a portrait session for your wife or mom with her child or children (this is not to be used for family sessions), the ordering session, a $100 print credit and a gorgeous 8×10 acrylic block desktop print.  This package is valued at $500 and is only available until April 30th.  Sessions must be scheduled no later than July 31st, 2018.


Please email Aimee at aimee@aimeegeis.com or call 913-396-9829 to order your voucher ASAP!