Miss Lauren ~ Kansas City Portrait Photography

For years my husband and I have been on the look out in the Kansas City area for the perfect house.  That means we spend hours online and often jump in the car with the kids to look at properties.  Several weeks ago we were out driving around to scope out some homes when we turned the corner and I saw the most beautiful bridge covered in these sweet wild flowers.  I’ve actually taken pictures here before but these flowers were no where to be found then.   WOW!  I had to photograph someone in them!  


Knowing this gorgeous red head who just happens to be a freshman in high school, I knew she’d be perfect to photograph.  We had a short window of time while the sun was going down behind the big cliff behind this bridge.  I brought out my professional lighting and was so grateful to have it.  It made these images and Miss Lauren stand out from that bright sun.

Often people want natural light portraits but don’t realize the advantage of using professional lighting.  I love that I have this option for my clients.  It gives an additional level of professional quality to your portraits.  

With fall passing quickly, I am almost booked up this month with portrait photography sessions.  I would love to help you create professional quality portraits for your home that will last for generations to come.   Contact me today.  aimee@aimeegeis.com or 913-396-9829 


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