Meet me

Meet me

I grew up in front of the camera.  My mom has been a photographer most of my life, and she captured images of me and my brother from a very young age – I treasure them.  She was there at all my life events: dance classes, school sports, proms, graduations, friend and family weddings…she was always capturing these special moments.  I have a whole lifetime of memories to reflect on because she was there behind the camera.  I had never considered following her footsteps into the photography business, but now as I sit here, behind the camera, it all makes sense.

Becoming a mother myself I wanted to capture every moment, every stage of life. So when my 3 children were born, my passion was sparked and I began to pursue this new role behind the lens.

Through this journey as a photographer, I also discovered something about myself.   I love people.. and relationships. I love laughter.  I love tenderness and vulnerability.  I simply love being able to capture the emotion in people as they interact with each other.  These are the moments that have inspired me to learn more, to become better.  I want you to hold on to these captured moments as personal treasures.. treasures that will last beyond your own lifetime.




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