Little Light – beauty from the ashes

Sometimes I really wish I was a more eloquent writer.  This post is one of those times.  The emotions I have for this family far exceed any words I could write.

Meet the Smith family.  They have shown so much faith, so much courage and so much strength in the past 2 years that I have known them.  I met them at the very worst, the very hardest moment of their lives.  The day they met and said goodbye to their sweet Karalyn.  Karalyn had a congenital heart defect, known as CHD.   I happened to be a NILMDTS volunteer and walked in that night to photograph their family of 5.  The 1 evening this moment would ever happen.  Their 2 older daughters were spunky and lively and overtired from a long day.  They kissed Karalyn’s forehead and snuggled onto the bed next to mom to be photographed together.  And then Leslie asked if they could take a photo of them all smiling.  Smiling… while holding their sweet Karalyn, who had already gone in spirit to be with the Lord.  I still can’t type that without tears welling up inside. What amazing faith and strength to see the beauty in the ashes of that moment.  A moment they would look back on and be reminded of that strength, that precious moment they were all together.  

Since that day I have had the fortune of staying in touch with this sweet family.  I have watched them take steps to move forward without forgetting the sweet life of Karalyn.  They have celebrated 2 of her birthdays now and each 1 has been extra special with more meaning and thoughtfulness than most birthdays I know of. They have turned their heartache into hope and support for other families who are going through what they went through.  That is how Little Light – beauty from the ashes was created.  They have begun creating memory boxes and caring bags for families with CHD children and deliver them to Children’s Mercy on the day of Karalyn’s birthday.  It’s an amazing way to give back and if you want to learn more about their great project, you can click here.  Any and all donations are so greatly appreciated. 

The other exciting thing they have created in the past 2 years is their sweet rainbow baby, another sister!  She is such a perfect addition to this already girl filled home and her big sisters could not be more in love.  I wanted to share with you some images from a life style shoot we did at their home.  I think it’s clear Ms. S is fully loved.  


 Lifestyle portraitsLifestyle portraitsLifestyle in home portraitsLifestyle family shootLifestyle photography - Kansas CityLifestyle family portraitsLifestyle photographyLifestyle family portraitThank you, Smith family, for allowing me to be a part of your lives in such a special way.  It has been such a blessing.