Aimee Geis Photography responds to CoVid-19

CoVid-19 Coronavirus

Words most of us had not heard of just a few short months ago. Now we can not go more than 10 minutes without seeing the word CoVid-19 or Coronavirus anywhere we look or hearing it in the conversations around us. It has changed the course of the entire world. For some it has meant the death of a loved one. For some it has meant being quarantined for weeks away from their home and daily life. And for some it has meant a complete devastation of their small business… or at least the fear that the devastation is coming.

I had been trying to take a nice long break from social media this year and for the most part I have stayed away. However, I have joined the masses in watching as CoVid-19 spreads and once in a lifetime events get cancelled. Seniors in college are missing out on being able to celebrate with their peers as they walk across that stage and listen as their families cheer them on. Athletes who have worked so hard and made decisions based on the opportunity to compete in tournaments that could win them a title can now never have that shot. I’m sure there will be books written about this time. History classes will teach about the way it was all handled. We don’t know yet if we’ll be a success story or not. We are all focusing on that bell curve, hoping and praying that we as a united world can make a difference. We believe faithfully that we will make a difference and missing a sporting event or a graduation ceremony will be worth it.

As a homeschooling mom with a small photography business that is not needed for paying essential bills at this time, I am fully aware of my privilege. I do not fit into any major category that fears death or a radical change in my life’s pace. My business that I love and have poured my heart into for the past 7+ years is not being threatened and being able to pay the mortgage or put food on our table is not a concern. So yes, I/we as a family are absolutely blessed.

With that said, I’ve been praying and mulling over what I can do to help. The song from Frozen II keeps wringing in my ears: “Do the next right thing…” There are probably a thousand ways to help and we all should give back if we can. So here is how I am helping. I ask you to prayerfully join me!!

For the next 6 weeks, I will be spotlighting small local businesses in an effort to encourage our online purchasing of gift certificates from them. When we buy gift certificates online from them, it puts immediate money in their pocket without them having to go into work, it keeps us all safely at a distance and makes us more aware of the businesses around us. It also gives us a purpose while we sit at home. I will be adding businesses as I hear of them. So please, if you know of any small businesses in the Kansas City area, please email me their information and their story of how CoVid-19 is affecting them.

When you purchase a gift certificate from any small business I spotlight, your name will be entered into a raffle to win a custom family portrait session worth $2100. The more you spend, the more times your name will be entered! The cool thing about this is every time I have talked directly to a small business being affected, they have all turned right around and offered their service for an additional gift basket! So now I am planning to build gift baskets from local businesses as well so that more prizes can be offered. If you want to join in on the blessings, please email me at and we’ll talk about how you can offer your services to increase the gift giving!!

These small businesses will be announced on both Facebook and Instagram. For now, please go like Aimee Geis Photography on Facebook and Instagram to follow along. I will be asking you to share the posts with your friends and spread the love!!!

The final date for the raffle will all be determined based on how long this crazy quarantine lasts but for now we will plan on Friday, May 1st, 2020. The raffle will be conducted online through Facebook Live so that the results are truly random. So make sure you follow along on Facebook!!!


It’s time to give back