Shutterfest 2016 – a photography conference

Shutterfest 2016

The last week in March I ventured out of my little comfort zone to attend a photography conference in St. Louis.  It started on Tuesday but by the Saturday before I was already starting to feel like I was late.  Everyone was already posting about being there or traveling to get there.  I knew I was in for something big… and fun!  Monday morning finally came and another sweet photographer friend of mine and I jumped in my kid mobile with all sorts of camera and lighting equipment and headed east to the land of Cardinal country.  To be honest, anywhere for 4 days away from being a parent and home school mom was going to be awesome.


Once we arrived at Union Station, the place was a buzz.  Photographers everywhere and also all sorts of models dressed in some crazy outfits.  People were going all out.  One person was unloading at the hotel with a huge clothing rack full of kid couture clothing.  It was serious.


I had heard about this whole “Rent a Human” thing but had not signed up for it.  Seriously, you could rent a human to be your model for an hour or more.  It sounded so strange!  If you were super creative, you could plan a themed shoot with them.  I was just watching this all take place around me.  See, whenever I get in a large group of photographers to shoot 1 model, I usually get really quiet and slip into the background.  I get insecure and don’t like to feel rushed or that I wasn’t the one creating the shot. I also knew I was going there as a newbie and wanted to just take it all in.  These photographers were serious.  But they were also serious about having a blast.  The energy of this place was awesome.


On Tuesday, a small group of Kansas City photographers that I was rooming with, decided to rent some humans.  See how weird that sounds?  To make it worse, they were 3 kids!  We rented 3 sisters, age 7, 13 and 14. All 3 had never modeled and the 7 year old was not too interested.. unless candy was involved.  Oddly enough, I got the most pictures of her!  Anyway, I tell you all of this because while we were waiting for them to be done with hair and make-up, I spotted this gorgeous bride and groom being photographed in a shadow of the building.  That hair!  I had to photograph this model, especially with the sun shining in her hair.  She was adorable.  I noticed they were finishing up the shoot so I quickly grabbed her and asked if she had a minute.  Thankfully she said she was done and had a minute.  I asked her her name.  Can you guess?  Sunni La’Flare!  Perfect!  Her sweet personality was awesome and oh my, if you have ever taken pictures of an experienced model, you know it right away.  I never had to give her any direction because she just moved so easily.  It was fun.  So for literally 2 minutes I had a friend hold a reflector and I shot away.  What was the best was when she laughed because I was going nuts over how pretty she was!  I was so glad to catch that laugh.  It was awesome.  Sunni, thank you for coming to Shutterfest!  I hope to see you next year.  


And as I mentioned above about those 3 sisters, I’ll be posting about them soon!  I also met the sweetest 18 year old senior who was another fantastic model.  Her post will be soon as well! But I had to share these images of Sunni first.


model, fierce, Shutterfest, red hair

bridal portrait, Shutterfest, natural light photography, red hair

black and white, Shutterfest, model

bridal portrait, Shutterfest, natural light,

bridal portrait, Shutterfest,


Individual portraits are what I specialize in and love to do.  If it’s been a long time since you’ve had your picture taken, call me and let’s make it happen.  I’ll help you from choosing your wardrobe, where to photograph you, how to order prints for your walls and family and even help you hang them if needed.  You will not regret it!  You can also follow me on Facebook or on Instagram.  It’s a huge compliment to see you there! or 913-396-9829

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  • Pat GlennApril 5, 2016 - 7:30 pm

    Aimee, I am so loving your portraits! What at talent! Keep having fun and creating your incredible images.ReplyCancel