My client’s testimonies are far more powerful than anything I could share.

I tell everyone that photographing your family is worth it and you’ll never regret it.  I see so much more than just a portrait on the wall.  I see the experience, the memories created, the love..  One of my clients captured this feeling perfectly, much more eloquently than I ever could.  Read below.  


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“I wanted to thank you for all your patience and presence as you walked us through the portrait photography process.  I had some dim idea that we needed a set of photos of Millie with her family, but until I saw her delight at receiving a new sweater from Allison, getting her hair done, and picking out jewelry she hasn’t mentioned since before her hospitalization last year, I hadn’t quite grasped how much bigger the process would be for our family.  And last night, as Jerry wiped away tears as we started the slide show, I knew that we had all crossed an important threshold together.  Funny how we can find the courage to talk about difficult things, but it takes an immersive experience with a consummate professional, to reweave the fraying fabrics of our lives.  Perhaps it is as simple as letting each of us feel seen.  And the photos are beautiful.  

Thank you again.”



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Kellye grew up here in Kansas City.  So did Royal.  Yet it took over 40 years for them to cross paths.  

It was worth the wait.

I had the privilege of being with Kellye the first time she heard Royal’s voice on the phone to set up their first date.  The look on her face and the joy in her voice told me this was something special.  As I photographed them here at the Nelson, there could be no doubt of the true joy they find in each other.  Photographing them was easy.  Take a look for yourself and you’ll see.  These are their favorites.  Feel free to comment below to share which are your favorite images of them!

Kellye and Royal, it really is an honor to be able to watch your relationship grow, deepen, progress.  And it was so special to be here with you to photograph it all.  I can’t wait for your wedding!  It’s going to be such a beautiful day!

To book Aimee Geis for your portraits, whether it be as a couple, a family or just for yourself because you’re worth it, email today.  

Scheduling late summer and fall sessions now.


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Goodness, my son is so handsome!  One of the best reasons I love being a child portrait photographer is because I get to capture images like this of my kids.  Here’s how this session went down…

I grabbed my camera and this sweater out of his messy drawer, walked outside to our cul-de-sac where Asa and the neighbors were playing catch, and tossed it to him.  He threw it on and walked with me over to the side of our house where the sun was reflecting off our white house quite nicely.  I snapped about 10 images and was done.  Bam!  I did try to get him to at least move a bit for me but he was not having it.  He wanted to stand straight at me and give me the same look.  It’s funny because that so describes him.  No fuss.  Straight forward.  Honest and loyal.  He’s pretty awesome.

Every year around his birthday I manage to do something like this with all my kids.  I have 3 beautiful 16×20 canvas portraits above my couch with each of their beautiful faces on them.  I treasure these and will have them always.   It’s why I insist on purchasing heirloom quality professional prints that will last long after I am gone.  I hope I am around to see the day their kids get to hold and see these portraits of their parents as kids.  I have one of my dad around 18 months old and I absolutely love it.  In 70 years, all of our digital images will be obsolete but our professional prints will still be here.

Hiring a professional to capture your children and their unique personalities is so worth it.  Please don’t put it off any longer.  Call me today and let’s make a plan to create portraits for your home.  913-396-9829



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For years my husband and I have been on the look out in the Kansas City area for the perfect house.  That means we spend hours online and often jump in the car with the kids to look at properties.  Several weeks ago we were out driving around to scope out some homes when we turned the corner and I saw the most beautiful bridge covered in these sweet wild flowers.  I’ve actually taken pictures here before but these flowers were no where to be found then.   WOW!  I had to photograph someone in them!  


Knowing this gorgeous red head who just happens to be a freshman in high school, I knew she’d be perfect to photograph.  We had a short window of time while the sun was going down behind the big cliff behind this bridge.  I brought out my professional lighting and was so grateful to have it.  It made these images and Miss Lauren stand out from that bright sun.

Often people want natural light portraits but don’t realize the advantage of using professional lighting.  I love that I have this option for my clients.  It gives an additional level of professional quality to your portraits.  

With fall passing quickly, I am almost booked up this month with portrait photography sessions.  I would love to help you create professional quality portraits for your home that will last for generations to come.   Contact me today. or 913-396-9829 


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A Mother’s heart longs for her children to be happy, healthy, and full of life.  Sometimes God has a different plan.  


3 years ago, I met a couple in the most awful circumstance.  They had just lost their sweet newborn, Karalyn, after only 1 hour of life outside the womb.  Karalyn suffered from a congenital heart defect, as well as Turner syndrome.  They had plans to do heart surgery but 7 weeks before her due date, Leslie went into labor.  Karalyn was just too little and her heart too weak to survive.  It was devastating.

Fast forward to today and Mark and Leslie are learning to take this little life of Karalyn and make a big difference.  2 years ago they decided they would create bereavement boxes for families who have lost their little ones to CHD.  Anyone that has walked into a hospital pregnant or holding a small child and walked out without them, knows it is one of the worst feelings ever.   Mark and Leslie wanted to help ease that awful feeling.  That is how Little Light – beauty from the ashes was born. Click on the name to learn more.


There’s so much we want to share with you here but in order to not get lost, we decided to give you all the details of A Mother’s Heart Event in question form.  Guys, you are welcome.  🙂

What is A Mother’s Heart?

Mother’s Heart is a 1 day only mini session event to raise money for Little Light. 

When will it be held?

Saturday, June 4th from 9am – 4pm

Where will it be held?

7309 W. 80th St. Overland Park, KS  

Thanks so much to JukeboxxMedia for donating their amazing studio space for this event!!  We are so excited to partner with them and spread the word about all they do in the entertainment industry!  

How much does it cost?

For a $75 donation, you can reserve your 15 minute session.  All donations will go directly to Little Light.  As a thank you for your donation, I’ll be gifting you 2-5×7 prints and a sweet Facebook cover image to show off your beautiful family. 

Are there any other costs we should expect?

There is no obligation to purchase more, however, immediately following your photo session you will be able to view your images, choose your favorites and purchase from a special selection of heirloom quality products designed to last beyond your lifetime.   There will be 3 packages offered starting at $299 as well as a selection of a la carte boutique items.  

How do I sign up?

Call ASAP to reserve your spot 913.396.9829 or email    

Who can sign up for this event?

Anyone who is a mom, has a mom or knows someone that is like a mom to them.  Guys, this will make a great Mother’s day gift for your wife.  Serious man points here!  You could also gift this to your own mom!  Do you know how special it would feel for a mom to get a gift like this from her grown son?  

How many people can be in this photo session?

Since this is only 15 minutes and we want to take time for Mom to be photographed with each child individually and together, we find that more than 2 children is hard to photograph in that timeframe.  Especially if the children are young.  If you have 3 or more children, reserving a 2nd consecutive spot should be enough time to accommodate everyone.  

Thank you so much for stopping here to learn about A Mother’s Heart Event.  We can’t wait to see you there!! 

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Shutterfest 2016 – part 2

In a previous post I told you a bit about my trip to St. Louis to attend a photography conference.  It was 4 days of fast paced, high energy, impactful learning.  On the 2nd night I was there I signed up to photograph senior models.  I was thrilled to meet Madison, who is actually a real senior.  Yay!  I remember her looking at me with a look of desperation as 40 photographers showed up and just 1 model… her.  Can you imagine how it would feel to be photographed that much?  Thankfully other models showed up but she kept a great attitude and was so gracious as lots of us wanted to photograph her.  

As we waited for the event to start I learned that Madison is striving to be a make-up artist and did her own make-up for the shoot.  She did a great job!  But this girl isn’t just a pretty face.  She plays a mean game of rugby.  Have you ever watched that sport?  It’s intense!  Madison definitely has a strong sense of self and a confidence that will take her anywhere she chooses to go.  Mady, I will be paying attention, watching your exciting journey!  Thank you for allowing me to photograph you.  And a huge thanks to your mom for letting me put her to work and keeping you safe while we all stood in the street.  


Madison, senior portraits, St. Louis Senior photography, St. Louis, Madison, senior photo shoot senior portraits, senior pictures, St. Louis, nightlife, Nikon


Seniors, now is the time to schedule your photo shoot!  Your images should be as unique as you are and not just anyone can make that happen.  Call me and let me help you love the whole experience!   913-396-9829 or


You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay in touch with my upcoming events. It’s always awesome to see you there!  

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Shutterfest 2016

The last week in March I ventured out of my little comfort zone to attend a photography conference in St. Louis.  It started on Tuesday but by the Saturday before I was already starting to feel like I was late.  Everyone was already posting about being there or traveling to get there.  I knew I was in for something big… and fun!  Monday morning finally came and another sweet photographer friend of mine and I jumped in my kid mobile with all sorts of camera and lighting equipment and headed east to the land of Cardinal country.  To be honest, anywhere for 4 days away from being a parent and home school mom was going to be awesome.


Once we arrived at Union Station, the place was a buzz.  Photographers everywhere and also all sorts of models dressed in some crazy outfits.  People were going all out.  One person was unloading at the hotel with a huge clothing rack full of kid couture clothing.  It was serious.


I had heard about this whole “Rent a Human” thing but had not signed up for it.  Seriously, you could rent a human to be your model for an hour or more.  It sounded so strange!  If you were super creative, you could plan a themed shoot with them.  I was just watching this all take place around me.  See, whenever I get in a large group of photographers to shoot 1 model, I usually get really quiet and slip into the background.  I get insecure and don’t like to feel rushed or that I wasn’t the one creating the shot. I also knew I was going there as a newbie and wanted to just take it all in.  These photographers were serious.  But they were also serious about having a blast.  The energy of this place was awesome.


On Tuesday, a small group of Kansas City photographers that I was rooming with, decided to rent some humans.  See how weird that sounds?  To make it worse, they were 3 kids!  We rented 3 sisters, age 7, 13 and 14. All 3 had never modeled and the 7 year old was not too interested.. unless candy was involved.  Oddly enough, I got the most pictures of her!  Anyway, I tell you all of this because while we were waiting for them to be done with hair and make-up, I spotted this gorgeous bride and groom being photographed in a shadow of the building.  That hair!  I had to photograph this model, especially with the sun shining in her hair.  She was adorable.  I noticed they were finishing up the shoot so I quickly grabbed her and asked if she had a minute.  Thankfully she said she was done and had a minute.  I asked her her name.  Can you guess?  Sunni La’Flare!  Perfect!  Her sweet personality was awesome and oh my, if you have ever taken pictures of an experienced model, you know it right away.  I never had to give her any direction because she just moved so easily.  It was fun.  So for literally 2 minutes I had a friend hold a reflector and I shot away.  What was the best was when she laughed because I was going nuts over how pretty she was!  I was so glad to catch that laugh.  It was awesome.  Sunni, thank you for coming to Shutterfest!  I hope to see you next year.  


And as I mentioned above about those 3 sisters, I’ll be posting about them soon!  I also met the sweetest 18 year old senior who was another fantastic model.  Her post will be soon as well! But I had to share these images of Sunni first.


model, fierce, Shutterfest, red hair

bridal portrait, Shutterfest, natural light photography, red hair

black and white, Shutterfest, model

bridal portrait, Shutterfest, natural light,

bridal portrait, Shutterfest,


Individual portraits are what I specialize in and love to do.  If it’s been a long time since you’ve had your picture taken, call me and let’s make it happen.  I’ll help you from choosing your wardrobe, where to photograph you, how to order prints for your walls and family and even help you hang them if needed.  You will not regret it!  You can also follow me on Facebook or on Instagram.  It’s a huge compliment to see you there! or 913-396-9829

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***Attention 2017 Seniors and Parents!  It’s time!***
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I am beginning to schedule summer and fall dates for 2016.  There will only be 7 sessions in 2016.  

If you want to have a fantastic senior portrait experience from beginning to end, now is the time to schedule.  913-396-9829

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When the World Series hit Kansas City this past fall, Royals fever spread like wildfire.  It was not more evident than in

the family portraits taken throughout the city.  This awesome family was no exception.  They bared 40 degree weather

to get these shots at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.  It was a ton of fun and the kids were troopers to wear t-shirts

in the cold.  You can’t even tell from these images! There may have been some bribery but I can’t remember.  😉

Markley family, thank you so much for trusting me with your family portraits!  It was so much fun and your kids were great!

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If your family is a big fan of any sports team, have you thought about capturing that love in professional portraits?  It’s a great way to have some fun while creating memories that will last beyond your lifetime.  Contact me to schedule your family portraits. or 913-396-9829

 I specialize in helping you put custom, high quality artwork in your home.  If it sounds overwhelming, let me come to your home and walk you through how and where to put them.  My goal is to make it easy and stress-free.

If you have enjoyed these pictures and want to stay up to date on what’s going on at Aimee Geis Photography, you can also find me on:

Facebook or Instagram 



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My youngest baby is almost 6.  There are no cribs or high chairs or diapers or squeaky toys laying around my house anymore.  Although there were so many days it felt like it would never end, all of a sudden, it’s over.  The baby phase.  

That’s one of the reasons God gives us friends.

In my everyday life I homeschool my 3 kids.  For the past year and a half I have been a part of the most special co-op I could have ever dreamed of.  It’s changed shape a bit but the key factor that has never changed is the heart of these amazing moms and our sweet friendships.  

So when one of my dear friends has a new baby, I can’t help but take pictures.  Maybe that’s my love language.  I love capturing so many different stages of life and this one seems to be one of the sweetest.  Those baby faces are THE BEST.  And they are always in abundance.  Check out this sweet baby face.   
Aimee Geis Photography Baby faces Baby faces Aimee Geis Photography



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