Baby faces {lifestyle photography}

My youngest baby is almost 6.  There are no cribs or high chairs or diapers or squeaky toys laying around my house anymore.  Although there were so many days it felt like it would never end, all of a sudden, it’s over.  The baby phase.  

That’s one of the reasons God gives us friends.

In my everyday life I homeschool my 3 kids.  For the past year and a half I have been a part of the most special co-op I could have ever dreamed of.  It’s changed shape a bit but the key factor that has never changed is the heart of these amazing moms and our sweet friendships.  

So when one of my dear friends has a new baby, I can’t help but take pictures.  Maybe that’s my love language.  I love capturing so many different stages of life and this one seems to be one of the sweetest.  Those baby faces are THE BEST.  And they are always in abundance.  Check out this sweet baby face.   
Aimee Geis PhotographyBaby facesBaby facesAimee Geis Photography