Asa turns 9! ~ Kansas City child portrait photographer

Goodness, my son is so handsome!  One of the best reasons I love being a child portrait photographer is because I get to capture images like this of my kids.  Here’s how this session went down…

I grabbed my camera and this sweater out of his messy drawer, walked outside to our cul-de-sac where Asa and the neighbors were playing catch, and tossed it to him.  He threw it on and walked with me over to the side of our house where the sun was reflecting off our white house quite nicely.  I snapped about 10 images and was done.  Bam!  I did try to get him to at least move a bit for me but he was not having it.  He wanted to stand straight at me and give me the same look.  It’s funny because that so describes him.  No fuss.  Straight forward.  Honest and loyal.  He’s pretty awesome.

Every year around his birthday I manage to do something like this with all my kids.  I have 3 beautiful 16×20 canvas portraits above my couch with each of their beautiful faces on them.  I treasure these and will have them always.   It’s why I insist on purchasing heirloom quality professional prints that will last long after I am gone.  I hope I am around to see the day their kids get to hold and see these portraits of their parents as kids.  I have one of my dad around 18 months old and I absolutely love it.  In 70 years, all of our digital images will be obsolete but our professional prints will still be here.

Hiring a professional to capture your children and their unique personalities is so worth it.  Please don’t put it off any longer.  Call me today and let’s make a plan to create portraits for your home.  913-396-9829



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