A beautiful farewell to Kauffman Gardens

Kauffman Gardens is a photographers dream, as you can see in all of these pictures.  But it also has very special meaning to this couple.  12 years ago, they stood in this very spot as they were photographed as bride and groom. So taking their pictures here was so very meaningful.  It was also special to me because I was able to stand next to them as matron of honor at their wedding. It was a beautiful (and hot) day.  Back then, children were not even in the equation so being here with 2 gorgeous girls, we all laugh and rejoice at the unexpected blessing they are. It was almost impossible to narrow down which images to show because these 4 have so much personality!  We really did have a blast.

Knoell family2313

Knoell family2319Knoell family2348-EditKnoell family2365Knoell family2380Knoell family2397

Knoell family2430Knoell family2456-EditKnoell family2490-EditKnoell family2485-EditKnoell family2511-EditKnoell family2526-EditKnoell family2549Knoell family2564Knoell family2585Knoell family2615Knoell family2668Knoell family2663Knoell family2676-EditKnoell family2728-EditKnoell family2721-EditKnoell family2757-EditKnoell family2719-Edit


Sadly, this will be the last time we get to photograph any families in this gorgeous garden.  Kauffman Gardens has graciously allowed photographers to use the grounds with no fee for years but as of July 1st they are saying no more.  With so many photographers in this area, the gardens were not being treated respectfully.  There were reports of photographers moving benches and not putting them back, walking in the flowers and even laying down in them just to get the shot.  The general public could not enjoy the serene environment it was created for because it got so busy with photographers of all kinds.  I was not surprised by the decision.  I hope that anyone who goes into a public or private place to photograph anything will learn to be more aware of taking care of the environment around them.  Ask permission, find out what the rules are, clean up after yourselves and do your best to give the general photography population a better name!

Thankfully the areas around the gardens are still available and as a photographer, it’s my job to create gorgeous images of you and your family, wherever we are!  I’d love to help you create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. I am already booking for fall so contact me today to not miss out!