Kansas City Portrait Photographer – Grand Opening!!

Welcome!!!  I am thrilled to be announcing the grand opening of my website.  It has been quite a journey but the majority of the credit goes to my wonderful web designer, Yaron Levi.  If you have ever wanted a website but your eyes cross and your head spins at the thought of figuring out how, please consider www.elevitator.com.  I can not praise his work, knowledge, patience and dedication enough.  He stays up to date on current trends, takes the time to explain the why’s and how’s of the decisions he encourages you with, and doesn’t quit when I email him at 3am with some grand plan to change the entire thing.   He has extended lots of grace.  Thank you Yaron!!!


Now back to my blog… here is where I’ll be posting the latest sessions, tips for getting great portraits, and basically all things photography.  I hope you stop by and visit often!!